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Business Loan Agents in Mumbai India


We have concerned prominent financial solution as well as a services provider for Lease rent discounting for our client as we have enriched knowledge and skills which can client desired from us. We offer loan against rental receipts acquired from lease contract with our corporate tenants as well as a loan which we provide to our clients are lesser based on the discounted value of the rentals and the latent property value of our client. With our Lease rent discounting in Mumbai India we make sure that we maintain a healthy and good relationship with our client so that we provide more financial solutions to our clients at reasonable rates.

In addition, we have top-notch professional and expert advisor in our firm who are excellent in providing reliable solutions for lease rent discounting. We provide agreement between our client with us and the main and crucial part of repayment is rent which is directly deposited with us and not with our clients who have taken the money from to us. We authorized our client to loan for rent which is to be collected over the period of lease. We make sure that we make we have better relations with our client for smoothness of our business.

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